1.MTB marathon „Pedaling on the Island of Pag“ Island of Pag, Saturday, 22.09.2018.

Type of race: MTB recreational race competition (XCM marathon)

Venue:  Vlašići, Island of Pag

When: 08: 00 am-16:00 pm

Oganiser:  NGO Volim Vlašići

Trail 1 (for profesionals), lenght  54 km

Vlašići-Veliko i Malo Blato-bazeni Paške solane-Vjetrenjače-Grad Pag (ul. Put sv. Karina-ul. Bana J. Jelačića-ul. A. Stepinca-ul. J. Dalmatinca-Pijaca-Vela ulica-most-uz magazine soli-Prosika-Lokunja)-Stari Grad-Povljana-Stara Povljana- Smokvica-Vlašići

Trail 2 (for recreation), lenght  28 km

Vlašići-Veliko i Malo Blato-Povljana-Stara Povljana-Smokvica-Vlašići

Start/Finish:  Vlašići Beach- Restoran Dupin

On line aplication on  Stotinka.hr: https://www.stotinka.hr/hrv/dogadjaj/730  until 21.09.2018, 12hrs


FB https://www.facebook.com/pedalompopagu/

-cell phone: 00385915093383

-email: pedalompopagu@gmail.com

Deadline: 3hrs


Saturday, 22/9/2018

08:00-10:00 hrs           Welcome drink

Registration and obtaining a “start” number for  the race Vlašići                            (Restaurant Dupin)

10:00 hrs                     Start of the race for profesionals

10:15 hrs                     Start of the race for recreation

11:00-12:30 hrs           Birdwatching and a visit to the ornithological reserve in VelikoBlato                                 (Big Mud)

14:00 hrs                     Lunch – Restaurant Dupin

15:00-16.00 hrs           Announcement of the winners:

– men’s and women’s categories for both routes

– the youngest and the oldest competitor

– the best video clip posted on FB / Instagram

– the best photo published on FB / Instagram

16:00 hrs         After Pedal Party


Adults:                                  12 Eur

Children 14-18 years:           6 Eur

Registration fee includes:

  • Refreshments at the pit stops
  • Lunch after the race
  • Start number and timing
  • Gift package
  • Prizes for the first three places in both the men’s and women’s categories
  • Visit Veliko Blato (Big Mud) and attend birdwatching for family and friends
  • After Party

All licensed and unlicensed competitors with proper mountain cycling bicycles. For this race  recreational, professional athletes, tourists and visitors and cyclists 14 years of age and above can participate. The trail is not suitable for younger ages. Minors can compete provided that the parent / guardian sign a  written statement at the begining of the race in which the parent / guardian agrees that the child can compete in the race at their own risk. Before receiving a “start” number,  each competitor must sign a declaration of “renunciation of responsibility” of the organizers of the competition.

Each competitor, by completing and submitting, the application directly agrees to compete in the race at their own risk (accompanied by CMRS, medical assistance and security police), and that he/she is familiar with the rules and regulations of the race and the possible risks that this competition has. By completing this application, the competitor confirms that his/her medical examination and the appropriate psycho-physical condition is appropriate for this kind of competition. By acknowledging and signing the statement, the competitor gives up the possibility of transferring responsibility to the organizers of the race or  to third parties.

Drivers/cyclists who sign the statement and start in the race adopt these regulations and drive/cycle at their own risk. The organizer shall not be liable for offenses committed by drivers to third parties. The organizer reserves the right to change the conditions of the recreational races without notice. Be sure to wear protective helmets because without that, performance will not be allowed. Minors can compete provided that the parent / guardian sign a  written statement at the begining of the race in which the parent / guardian agrees that the child can compete in the race at their own risk.

  • Technical assistance and organization of the race (there will be transport for participants off the track
  • due to injury, faulty bikes, etc.)
  • Insurance CMRS’s (Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)
  • Ambulance and police escort
  • A map with a route race
  • Lunch at the finish of the race
  • Starting number
  • Welcome drink at the start
  • Refreshments at the pit stops
  • A competition for the selection of the most beautiful photos and videos about the race
  • Prizes for the top three places in the women’s and men’s categories


Entry deadline 21/9/2018


Applications for the recreational race entry forms can be found by logging onto https://www.stotinka.hr/hrv/dogadjaj/730. To compete in the race you need to complete the application form and pay the registration fee:  12 Eur (adults), 6 Eur (children).

Children from 14-18 years of age can participate only when accompanied by a parent and/or guardian or with a notarized statement signed by the parents and/or guardians.

To make a payment in Croatia, the registration fee must be paid to the account IBAN: HR1324020061100770150, Erste&Steiermäkische bank d.d

Recipient: Udruga Volim Vlasici, Put Magazina 38, 23249 Vlašići, Island Pag, Croatia

OIB: 51301219262, MB: 4494474

To make payments from abroad, you must pay via Pay Pal: volimvlasici@gmail.com

Please include the purpose for the payment: The name and surname of the competitor will be sufficient.

After the application is submitted and payment is received, the organizer will e-mail the participant program details, competition number and category for the race. The competition number can be picked up at the start of the race on the day of competition (details of the program).

NOTE: It will be possible also to make the aplication the same day, 2 hours before the racing.

If the participant / registered user wishes to cancel participation in the race after 15/09/2018  there will be no refund issued for the registration fee, but the competitors who quit can pick up their “starting package” exclusively on the start / finish of the race day (or it can be picked up by someone on their behalf).

Please have:

– Helmet

– Mobile phone (with charged batteries and the number you have listed on the application form!)

– Race map

We recommend:A waterproof bag so that you can insert the “race map”
and at least ½ liters of fluid. 

TEST EQUIPMENT: The organizer can inspect your equipment at the start of the race.

DESCRIPTION OF TRAIL 1, lenght 54 km:

The start of the “PRO trail” is in Vlasici, from where we take a slight uphill towards Ornithological reserve of the Veliko and Malo Blato (at this point the routes are separated). The “PRO” trail turns on the right towards salt basins of the Solana Pag paddling up to the windmills. The first part and the part of the climb is asphalted, later on you will bike on a macadam. Pay attention on the top at the downhill due to scattered macadam. The panoramic views are breathtaking. Velebit on the right and Pag town, Olib and Maun on the left. Later on we descent down to the town of Pag and paddling towards the other side of the  salt basins of Solana Pag in the direction of Povljana. From Povljana we continue to Smokvica. On this trail you will admire again beautiful sceneries of the nature and panoramic views. The MTB trail will take you to our final destination Vlašići, where you finish the race.




DESCRIPTION OF TRAIL 2, lenght 28 km:

The start of the”RECREATIONAL trail” is in Vlasici, from where we take a slight uphill  towards Ornithological reserve of the Veliko and Malo Blato (at this point the routes are separated). “Recreational” trail turns towards Povljana from where we continue to the Old town of  Povljana and later on to Smokvica.  On this trail you will admire beautiful sceneries of the nature and panoramic views to the sea. The MTB trail will take you to our final destination Vlašići, where you finish the race.

The route of the race is minimally challenging because the terrain is very clear and there is no forest or shrubs. The whole track is very transparent and very accessible, but some parts may be technically demanding.

The logo of the MTB marathon “Pedaling on the island of Pag” is the Black Pennant dragonfly (Selysiothemisnigra) which is also called Paska Cipkica (Pag Lace). The Black Pennant reproduces in shallow Mediterranean lakes and large ponds that have a substrate of fine silt. Its habitat (on the island of Pag) is at Veliko, Malo and Kolan Blato.  Dragonflies can hover, climb and sink rapidly, rush from one place to another, suddenly change direction, or surprisingly after flying swiftly, it stops and remains still. It is a strictly protected and endangered species.

After completing the race, lunch will be served at “Dupin” restuarant in Vlasici starting at 13:00Hrs.  At 15:00h, there will be an announcement of the winners. For the first 3 places, from both tracks, male/female categories, prizes are divided into gift packets from the sponsors. The youngest and the oldest contestant who complete the race also the best photo and video from the race will receive an award from the sponsors.

Family, companions and visitors who do not wish to participate in the cycling marathon “Pedaling on the Island of Pag”, have the option to partake in an organized and free tour; birdwatch in the ornithological refuge of Veliko Blato. Lunch for family members, companions and visitors will be provided at the finish of the race.

Participants in the race must organize their own transport, reservations and payment to the private renter(s). Parking for competitors will be organized at the Start.

TRANSPORT: your own arrangement

FERRY TIME TABLE: car ferry  PRIZNA- ŽIGLJEN- http://www.jadrolinija.hr/o-nama/brodovi/trajekti